cover image Caring for the Mind: The Comprehensive Gu

Caring for the Mind: The Comprehensive Gu

Dianne Hales / Author, Robert E. Hales / With Bantam $39.95 (8

There are almost 35 million Americans who have a diagnosable mental illness; few however, will seek help. The Haleses, (she is a journalist, and he is a clinical professor of psychiatry at UC-San Francisco), have written an invaluable, albeit ponderous, guide to mental health care today. Following a discussion in Part I on the evolution of current understandings and treatments of mental illnesses, the authors detail common specific disorders in Part II. They describe such conditions as depressive and anxiety disorders, substance dependency and sexual dysfunctions, offering illustrative case histories and listing symptoms (including diagnostic criteria adapted from Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition [DSM-IV]) and treatments. Such special issues as suicidal behavior and mental-health problems of children and the elderly are considered, as are different kinds of talking therapies and drug treatments. The authors' knowledgeable and compassionate approach makes their thorough guide particularly helpful for readers seeking information for themselves or for those whom they love. (May)