cover image Mystery Cat/Cho/Trap

Mystery Cat/Cho/Trap

Susan Saunders. Yearling Books, $2.25 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-553-15415-3

In the second book of the Mystery Cat series, M. C.'s owners, Kelly Ann and Hillary, have barely recovered from one adventure when the feline drops another into their lap. He shows up in the company of an expensive Himalayan cat, and both cats smell like chocolate. The girls make a few phone calls and return the Himalayan to its owner, only to be accused of cat-napping. The police know the girls, and they go free, but a few nights later, a white truck tries to run M. C. down and actually injures him. More cats disappear and ransom calls are made. Then Kelly Ann and Hillary discover that a fake ice cream vendor is responsible for the crimes. Mystery Cat gets a Life Achievement Award, and walks off with the book. The writing is a little bland; Kelly Ann and Hillary as characters are (but for ""rich'' and ``not rich'' labels) almost indistinguishable from each other. Cat-lovers in this age group will find this series enjoyable. (8-11)