cover image Walter's Lucky Socks

Walter's Lucky Socks

Gibbs Davis. Yearling Books, $3.5 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-553-15865-6

In the Never Sink Nine series starter, eight-year-old Walter is too young to join his brother's baseball team. With the encouragement of Grandpa Walt, a former minor-leaguer, the boy decides to set up his own team. Walter and his best friend Mike solicit a cast of lively characters: ace pitcher Melissa, her friend Katie, Melissa's younger sister Jenny, allergic Felix, stocky Otis, ballet dancer Christy, slugger Billy and Tony, an honorary member who has a broken leg. Tony's father, owner of the Never Sink Plumbers, agrees to be their sponsor, and Grandpa Walt offers to coach the team. Finally, the Never Sink Nine is complete. When the team wins their first practice game, Walter thanks his lucky socks; but as Grandpa says, ``Opening-day game is the real test.'' This quick-paced, humorous story will easily capture the interest of baseball fans and beginning readers. Ulrich's snappy drawings highlight the action in this energetic new series. Ages 5-8. (Apr.)