cover image More Guaranteed Goof-Proof Microwave Coo

More Guaranteed Goof-Proof Microwave Coo

Margie Kreschollek. Bantam Books, $10.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-553-35201-6

``Microwhiz'' Kreschollek ( The Guaranteed Goof-Proof Healthy Microwave Cookbook ) here contributes a third volume to her successful ``goof-proof'' series. To the author's credit, she hasn't skimped on covering the basics. Her introductory suggestions and techniques will ring true for every level of microwavery: ``Don't turn the microwave on and walk away before first looking inside to be sure you did not leave a metal utensil, a twist tie, or a foil wrapper inside. . . .'' The recipes, however, are reminiscent of what should be a closed chapter in a bygone era of American fascination with processed foods. The majority are marred by the author's overdependence on ``convenience'' staples like instant rice (when conventional rice performs well in the microwave) and canned cream soups (replete with salt and fat). Kreschollek's best recipes are for the kind of from-scratch tidbits that would be painstakingly time-consuming to prepare with old-fashioned methods. Her excellent recipes for jams, fruit butter and bread-and-butter pickles--all utilizing healthful, flavorful, fresh ingredients--are speeded by the microwave's unique magic. (Jan.)