cover image Touch of Enchantment

Touch of Enchantment

Teresa Medeiros. Bantam, $7.5 (352pp) ISBN 978-0-553-57500-2

Sir Colin of Ravenshaw, the seventh laird of Castle Raven, sees Tabitha Lennox in the middle of a Scottish meadow in 1254. As he gallops forth on his big, black stallion, he doesn't know that Tabitha, curiously dressed in L.L. Bean flannel pajamas and chipmunk slippers, has been displaced from 21st-century Manhattan as the result of a computer glitch. In Medeiros's time-travel sequel to Breath of Magic, Arian's and Tristan's daughter, Tabby, hates being ""special""; she hates magic; she hates that her mother baked cookies that danced around. She doesn't want fairy tales; instead, she wants computers. Tabitha entered M.I.T. at age 15 and has become the head of her billionaire-father's Virtual Reality lab. Medeiros has created a fine and funny combination of Jude Devereux and Erma Bombeck (the villain smells like Lemon Pledge). (June)