cover image Space Throne

Space Throne

Brian Corley. Electric Fern, $4.99 e-book (334p) ISBN 978-0-578-70594-1

This fun space adventure from Corley (Ghost Bully) follows a wayward prince’s attempts to return home after years spent touring the galaxy. Prince Parr is finally ready to accept the birthright and responsibilities he faked his death to avoid. But to do so he must swindle his way through the gates surrounding Bilena Epso Ach, capital of intergalactic kingdom Sixteen, and evade capture by the notorious bounty hunter Norfung Gortn. Corley balances comedy with thrilling action as Norfung pursues Parr from one disreputable outpost to the next. Running low on options, Parr makes a deal with information trader Ren, who forces him to realize that his privileged upbringing has blinded him to the plight of the common creature. Parr and Ren soon team up with Manc, a double-dealing pirate who offers a foolproof way for Parr to return home—if only Parr can convince an infamous pirate king to help him. Though Parr’s character arc goes underexplored, the subtle worldbuilding and abundance of comic mishaps will keep readers engaged as the unlikely trio races toward a thrilling conclusion. This is a rollicking good time. (Self-published)