cover image Koya Delaney and the Good Girl Blues

Koya Delaney and the Good Girl Blues

Eloise Greenfield. Scholastic, $13.95 (124pp) ISBN 978-0-590-43300-6

Sisters Koya and Loritha get along very well, though they don't always see eye to eye. Koya never loses her temper and does her best to keep everyone happy. Her sister's propensity for being accomodating doesn't sit well with Loritha when she is double-crossed by Koya's best friend, Dawn. Instead of sticking up for Loritha, Koya continues to be buddies with Dawn so that her feelings won't be hurt. In a rather dramatic, epiphanic moment, Koya realizes that it's okay to be angry sometimes, and finally gives Dawn a piece of her mind. All is forgiven, and the three girls are friends again. Meanwhile, such events as a double-dutch contest and a visit from the DeLaney sisters' cousin, a famous pop singer, keep Greenfield's ( Under the Sunday Tree ; Africa Dream ) plot rolling along at a sprightly clip. Youngsters will warm up immediately to the feisty Koya, a '90s Pollyanna with a witty edge. Ages 8-12. (Mar.)