cover image A Ghost in the House

A Ghost in the House

Betty Ren Wright. Scholastic, $13.95 (164pp) ISBN 978-0-590-43606-9

Sarah's dream has finally come true--a beautiful room with a fireplace in a big house in the suburbs. But when financial troubles hit her family, that dream becomes a nightmare. Her ailing, cantankerous Great-Aunt, owner of the house, comes to stay--and with her, strange and frightening ghostly visits. Sarah and her aunt are forced to bond together--first, in self-defense; and then in friendship. This finely crafted, spine-tingling ghost story from the author of The Dollhouse Murders and Christina's Ghost offers such chilling occurrences as unexplained footsteps, objects moving of their own accord and Aunt Margaret's wheelchair spinning wildly. These episodes are masterfully balanced with a touching, true-to-life story of the awkward friendship between Sarah and her dour aunt--who surprise themselves by discovering in each other a kindred spirit. Ages 8-12. (Nov.)