cover image Station Eternity

Station Eternity

Mur Lafferty. Ace, $17 trade paper (464p) ISBN 978-0-593-09811-0

Lafferty (Six Wakes) tries to amalgamate a near-future sci-fi setting and a murder mystery plot into a breathless space adventure, but it never quite takes off. Brash college dropout Mallory Viridian used to think her frequent proximity to people found murdered was simply unlucky. But as time passed, more bodies piled up, and Mallory, now a private investigator, worries that the pattern is more than a coincidence. While authorities grudgingly respect her ability to find the killers and readers enjoy the novels she builds out of her gory experiences, Mallory decides to exile herself to the sentient Station Eternity, an outpost of star-hopping aliens who recently arrived in Earth’s orbit as galactic tourists, for the safety of those around her. Then, of course, someone is murdered on the station. Together with secretive ex-soldier Xan, Mallory sets out investigating. A plethora of quirky alien and human characters inveigled into many subplots muddle through this middling tale, which is often interrupted by disjointed flashbacks. Sci-fi fans will enjoy the hip conversations of Lafferty’s aliens, who are connected in symbiotic two-race pairs, but mystery buffs will see the murder’s solution coming from a light year away. Only Lafferty’s diehard fans need apply. Agent: Seth Fishman, Gernert Co. (Oct.)