cover image Dino-Zombies!


Rick Chrustowski. Penguin Workshop, $9.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-593-22475-5

Forget brains—dino-zombies need sugar to survive, and Halloween night is the perfect time to fuel up. Chrustowski’s boldly hued crew, crisply outlined in black, don their costumes and stomp through the streets amassing loads of candy. “Zombie-raptor!/... Zombie-saurus rex!/ Ding-dong, ROAR! Ding-dong, ROAR!/ They’re the candy-saurus wrecks!” The dino-zombies—whose bones protrude from their meaty bulk—hit pay dirt at the neighborhood costume party (“Candy bars and popcorn balls!/ Dino-zombies chomp them all!”) and even take home first prize for their impressive getups. And once “they’re crashing from the sugar rush,” the dino-zombies are soon quiet and comfy at home in their “fuzzy jammies.” The combination of spare text, chunky font, and playfully spooky critters with yellow glowing eyes make this a treat for early readers stimulated by the sugary holiday’s fun. Ages 6–8. (Aug.)