cover image The Golden Doves

The Golden Doves

Martha Hall Kelly. Ballantine, $28.99 (528p) ISBN 978-0-593-35488-9

Two women involved with the French Resistance become embroiled in postwar espionage in the intriguing latest from Kelly (Lilac Girls). Josie Anderson, an American diplomat and daughter of a French Jewish singer, works in 1950s Fort Bliss, Tex., where former Nazi scientists are brought to keep them away from Russian intelligence agents. When Josie’s assigned to bring in the elusive Dr. Snow, a Nazi physician who experimented on prisoners during Josie’s imprisonment at Ravensbrück, she jumps at the chance. In Europe, Josie reunites with former fellow Resistance worker Arlette LaRue, with whom she thwarted Nazi efforts in Paris before they were captured. While Josie chases leads, Arlette meets Luc Minau, who offers to fly her to French Guiana, where Luc operates a charitable Catholic home for children orphaned during the war. Suspecting there may be a more sinister purpose behind the children’s home—namely, medical experimentation—Arlette and Josie come to believe that Father Peter, the home’s priest, might in fact be Snow. Kelly informs her dramatic narrative with rich historical details, such as the Catholic officials who transported former Nazis to South America. Historical fiction fans will be delighted. Agent: Alexandra Machinist, ICM Partners. (Apr.)