cover image Counting Miracles

Counting Miracles

Nicholas Sparks. Random House, $30 (368p) ISBN 978-0-593-44959-2

Bestseller Sparks (The Longest Ride) brings all the emotion fans expect in his heart-tugging latest. Tanner Hughes was raised by his grandparents after his single mother’s death and has spent his adult life serving first as an Army Ranger, then in Cameroon with the U.S. Agency for International Development. He has no interest in slowing or settling down—but after his grandmother, on her deathbed, reveals the name of his biological father, he heads to that man’s last known location: Asheboro, N.C. He intends for it to be a quick stop on his itinerary before returning to Cameroon, but Tanner doesn’t figure on meeting—and falling for—divorced physician Kaitlyn Cooper. The pair are thrown together after Kaitlyn’s teenage daughter, Casey, accidentally crashes into Tanner’s car, and the adults immediately form an emotional bond. Kaitlyn, who has never left Asheboro, starts to dream of happily-ever-after, but will Tanner’s restless feet doom their relationship before it can begin? Sparks enriches Kaitlyn and Tanner’s love story with a striking supporting cast, especially Kaitlyn’s kids, Casey and Mitch, and an elderly neighbor named Jasper. The mystery of Tanner’s parentage finally unravels at the story’s end, delivering an emotionally satisfying finale. This is sure to be another hit for Sparks. (Sept.)