cover image Sleepy Sheepy

Sleepy Sheepy

Lucy Ruth Cummins, illus. by Pete Oswald. Flamingo, $18.99 (40p) ISBN 978-0-5934-6591-2

His eyelids are already below half-mast, and his weary parents—each of whom totes a wide-eyed infant lamb in a front-facing carrier—insist that it’s bedtime. But Sleepy Sheepy, rendered by Oswald (the Food Group series) in fluffy, cloud-like textures, insists he’s anything but sleepy: “He was WIRED and absolutely NOT TIRED!” To prove his point, he bounces through the cool-toned vignettes performing karaoke, wolfing down cookies and milk, skateboarding, and building with blocks. If his determined but unfailingly patient parents didn’t occasionally take him firmly in hand, he would almost seem to defy gravity. But readers will discern that Sleepy Sheepy’s actions are more kicky than joyful; eventually, he lets out a big yawn, and soon, Cummins (Rock That Vote) writes, “His eyelids drooped. His shoulders stooped. His brain was pooped.” Finally snuggled under his covers as a starry sky glows outside his window, he looks truly contented for the first time since the book’s beginning, and even the most bedtime-resistant readers will respect his exhausted capitulation. Ages 3–7. Author’s agent; Emily van Beek, Folio Jr./Folio Literary. Illustrator’s agent: Kirsten Hall, Catbird Productions. (Jan.)