cover image The Road to Roswell

The Road to Roswell

Connie Willis. Del Rey, $28 (416p) ISBN 978-0-593-49985-6

Multiple Hugo and Nebula Award winner Willis (Blackout/All Clear) returns with a delightful, intergalactic twist on the romantic comedy. Francie only agrees to show up for her college roommate’s doomed wedding in Roswell, N.Mex., because she hopes her presence will make the bride-to-be realize she’s making a mistake. That, and she’s the maid of honor. The wedding and the town’s annual UFO Festival are not falling on the same weekend by coincidence; the groom is a true believer. Meanwhile, skeptical Francie can barely stand every moment she has to spend hearing about sightings, theories, and abductions. Then she herself is abducted by an alien who needs her help navigating the New Mexican desert. Her abductor, nicknamed Indy, is described as looking like a “animate tumbleweed,” with dozens of quick, strong tentacles that it has no issue using to keep Francie acting as its chauffeur. A chance encounter with a friendly and handsome hitchhiker, Wade, a con man, adds one more to the madcap road trip, and each subsequent stop continues to grow the wacky crew. For Francie, terror turns to acceptance that turns to curiosity that turns to care as she comes to believe that Indy is just trying to get home. Willis makes Francie’s journey to, from, and around Roswell an absolute blast with abundant humor, copious references to old westerns, and sweet budding love between Francie and Wade. Readers will not be disappointed. (June)