cover image The Catalogue of Hugs

The Catalogue of Hugs

Joshua David Stein and Augustus Heeren Stein, illus. by Elizabeth Lilly. Rise x Penguin Workshop, $16.99 (56p) ISBN 978-0-593-52179-3

The father and son authors of this picture book survey hug types gentle, rambunctious, and in-between, humorously detailing variations of the embrace for an array of situations. In each spread, the name of a particular hug style appears alongside one of Lilly’s wispy, sketch-lined images of adults and children demonstrating the interaction. Using ample white space, blocks of color pop in the depictions of people with a range of abilities and skin tones wearing brightly accented clothing or accessories. Hug type “the Frontpack” accompanies an image of an adult who uses a prosthetic leg holding a child to their front; “the Flying Squirrel” envisages a collision about to occur; and “the Necklace” attends an image of a child hanging from an adult’s neck. A final spread invites readers to experiment with a bonus list of hug styles, including “the Hot Cocoa,” “the Tuba” and “the Puppy Hug.” Ages 2–5. (Dec.)