cover image Lying in the Deep

Lying in the Deep

Diana Urban. Razorbill, $18.99 (384p) ISBN 978-0-5935-2760-3

Along with 700 other students, Stanford University sophomore Jade Miller is spending a semester at sea in a prestigious Campus on Board program. Much to Jade’s distress, among the passengers are her ex-boyfriend, Silas, and her former best friend, Lainey, who are now a couple. Luckily, Jade gets along with her twin dorm-mates, Divya and Navya; befriends YouTube skincare sensation Miguel and his roommate Tate; and develops a budding relationship with brooding, mysterious Felix. But she can’t shake her preoccupation with Silas, and craves answers as to why he dumped her for Lainey. Jade plans to confront the pair, but then Lainey goes missing, leaving behind a blood-covered cabin—and Jade is the primary suspect. Though there’s no dearth of potential culprits, Jade embarks on some dangerous sleuthing to clear her name as an increasing body count begins whittling away at possible perps. Jade’s fixation on Silas and Lainey is somewhat laboriously rendered, leading to repetitious narration. Nevertheless, this cleverly plotted mystery and its earned, complex solution by Urban (These Deadly Games) boast numerous exhilarating twists and red herrings. Main characters read as white; context clues suggest racial diversity throughout. Ages 14–up. (May)