cover image Latke’s First Hanukkah

Latke’s First Hanukkah

Alan Silberberg. Viking, $7.99 (16p) ISBN 978-0-5936-2316-9

With this counting board book, Silberberg, a regular bard of Jewish holiday foods, introduces a potato pancake protagonist who, night by night, hosts a humdinger of a Hanukkah. In brightly colored, genially goofy cartoons, Applesauce and Sour Cream get into a second-night fight over which is the best topping (“Oy,” says Latke, rolling its eyes). On the third night, the arrival of spinning dreidels dizzies the protagonist. And on the seventh night, the presents get into a wrestling match. But these antics are minor hosting hiccups when compared to the warm glow of the menorah—which moves to various sites in Latke’s house as each candle is lighted—and the joy of being surrounded by rambunctious friends, many of whom take the form of favorite Jewish treats (“Babka! Challah! Bagel!”). Ages up to 3. (Oct.)