cover image Horrible Harry and the Green Slime

Horrible Harry and the Green Slime

Suzy Kline. Viking Books, $13.99 (58pp) ISBN 978-0-670-82468-7

Best friends Harry and Doug triumph in each of the five scenarios in this sequel to Horrible Harry in Room 2B. They overcome an argument that arises when the class has to choose ``secret pals''; put on the best anti-smoking skit in the class; and lead the others in putting homemade spider webs up around the school in commemoration of Charlotte's Web. Despite the genuinely childlike situations it draws on, the book is a disappointment: too often the humor fizzles. The only laugh-out-loud moment comes when the principal volunteers to be Doug's assistant in a show-and-tell presentation; unbeknownst to Mr. Cardini, Doug plans to demonstrate how to spike hair. Other intended jokes fall flat or come at the expense of other classmates, giving a few of the stories a vaguely mean-spirited tinge. Illustrations not seen by PW. Ages 7-10. (May)