cover image Until the Bough Breaks

Until the Bough Breaks

Christine McGuire. Pocket Books, $6.5 (320pp) ISBN 978-0-671-53619-0

McGuire's latest novel (after Until Death Do Us Part) starring Kathryn Mackay, a senior prosecuting trial attorney in the DA's office, is a provocative story examining the ugly twists of domestic violence. As an activist for battered women herself, Kate's determined to sift through murder evidence to find the truth when the defense poses BWS, Battered Women's Syndrome. No happy endings here; a subplot entangles Dave Granz, an inspector in the DA's office, and Kathryn's love interest, with Julia Soto, a woman who turns to crazed violent revenge after her rape and family disgrace. Statistics and the law, doled out in dialogue, form a running commentary on a high prevalence of domestic abuse. Despite occasional irregular and jarring scene transitions, early colorful forensics provide explicit, cogent detail in this sharp legal thriller. (Oct.)