cover image Dog in Heat is a Hot Dog: And Other Rules to Live by

Dog in Heat is a Hot Dog: And Other Rules to Live by

E. Jean Carroll. Pocket Books, $23 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-671-56788-0

E. Jean, as she styles herself, hosts the first interactive advice show on CNBC's America's Talking Network and also writes an advice column for Elle magazine. The letters in this collection, taken from those sources, come principally from women who indicate that, in their cases, the women's movement has failed utterly. That many of them are sex-obsessed is hardly surprising in a sex-obsessed nation, but what is illuminating is that they appear to define themselves solely in terms of the men--or the absence thereof--in their lives. But more alarming is the pervasive lack of a sense of self; many of the advice-seekers are hesitant to act for their own benefit lest they offend family or friends or co-workers or whomever. E. Jean is hip, breezy and fun to read, although men may worry about falling victim to aggressive women egged on by E. Jean's recommendations that they get out there and grab what they want. (Feb.)