cover image The Ten Day Pure Body Plan

The Ten Day Pure Body Plan

Leslie Kenton. Pocket Books, $4.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-671-63438-4

Kenton, health-and-beauty editor of Britain's Harpers & Queen magazine and author of Raw Energy, advocates a ""spring cleaning'' of the body, which is a kind of trendy, quick path to fitness popularized by some health and beauty spas. She prescribes a superficially balanced strategy that includes a slimming diet, breathing and relaxation routines, techniques for cleaning ``life-draining wastes'' through the skin and exercise such as walking, running and aerobics. But the recommended diet, for which food, snack and drink recipes are included, and daily regimens are so strictly ordered and spartan that women (the target audience) who follow the plans are apt to have little energy remaining for work, play or family life. (January)