cover image The Nerve of Abbey Mars

The Nerve of Abbey Mars

Judith Hollands, Judith Jollands. Minstrel, $2.5 (70pp) ISBN 978-0-671-63907-5

Abbey Mars is one of the worst spellers in her class, but she's also one of the most popular girls. A new boy, Jackie Oliver, teases her constantly and even uses the Valentine post office to send a mean, unsigned letter. So Abbey strikes back with a plan of her ownto send nasty poems to Jackie. Thanks to a misspelling of Jackie's name, the letters go astray and land on the desk of the boy Abbey likes, Jake Yancy. He is hurt and mystified, and Abbey gets into troublebut because she has been looking up words for her poems, her spelling has improved. Very light fare, but the classroom antics ring true. And Abbey's agonies over her spelling problems are well-portrayed. Ages 6-9. (February)