cover image Mommies at Work

Mommies at Work

Eve Merriam. Simon & Schuster, $5.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-671-64386-7

This revised, re-illustrated version of a 1955 book presents lots of interesting pictures showing a multitude of mothers in both conventional jobs (teacher, bank teller) and less conventional ones (assembly line worker, air traffic controller). The opening and closing pages feature women in nurturing roles: ``All mommies loving the best of all to be your very own mommy, and coming home to YOU!'' Notwithstanding the exhaustive repetition of the word ``mommies,'' this genial paean to working motherhood should interest preschoolers with its soothing tone. Fernandes's mothers (and their children) are all given distinct personalities and traits: multiethnic, multitalented, plain or pretty or overweight, all are cheerful, committed workers. Daddies at Work is a companion title. Ages 2-5. (June)