cover image The Perdue Chicken Cookbook

The Perdue Chicken Cookbook

Mitzi Perdue. Pocket Books, $18.95 (266pp) ISBN 978-0-671-69143-1

The Perdue name will lend credibility to this collection of chicken recipes. Written by Mrs. Frank Perdue, it neatly delivers what it promises: a variety of recipes complemented by nuggets of useful advice about nutritiously cooking chicken and preparing and purchasing poultry and other ingredients. It's the kind of information the author claims she should have had on hand when she first faced the intimidating task of cooking for her husband, a man she calls ``one of the world's greatest experts'' on the bird. Accordingly, recipes are designed and organized for home cooks, including some for the microwave oven, for the grill (boneless breasts Tandoori), for dieters (pasta primavera with chicken) and for the finicky (crispy peanut butter chicken). Also featured are Frank Perdue's favorites--Hawaiian ``layered'' chicken and chicken a la Montmorency. To Mrs. Perdue's credit, she presumes nothing about her readers' capabilities, and explains as she goes. Only one dish appears totally unappealing: a crown roast constructed of chicken drumsticks. Advertising; author tour. (June)