cover image Young Stars: Young Stars

Young Stars: Young Stars

Randi Reisfeld / Author, Lisa Clancy / Editor Aladdin Paperbac

In this engaging digest about some of today's young film, theater and television stars, Reisfeld presents her information in a low-key and disarming fashion. Profiled are Macaulay Culkin, 11, of Home Alone fame; Jaleel White, 13, who added his unique touch to TV's Family Matters ; six-year-old Raven-Symone, first a fan of, then a star on, The Cosby Show ; Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen ( Full House ), five-year-old twins with the highest popularity rating of all females on TV; Melissa John Hart, the star of Nickelodeon's sitcom Clarissa Explains It All ; Edward Furlong, 14, who landed a role in Terminator 2 without any prior dramatic training; and Tony Award winner Daisy Eagan, 12, of Broadway's The Secret Garden . A common thread among these performers is that they say there's no preferential treatment at home and most have chores to do and schoolwork to maintain. The older children have met with jealousy from peers or adult cast members. But admirers are plentiful, and these fanzine-style biographies will surely please them. Ages 8-12. (May)