cover image Carl Pops Up

Carl Pops Up

Alexandra Day. Simon & Schuster, $14.95 (1pp) ISBN 978-0-671-87105-5

Day gives Carl's many fans the chance to interact with the famous canine baby-sitter in this humorously understated pop-up. The rottweiler, the baby he cares for and selected objects inventively spring from the pages and-with the help of pull-tabs-move in a variety of entertaining ways. Upon opening the cover, which features a die-cut window, the reader is welcomed by a happy baby and an attentive, eager Carl-both of whom rise up from the title page. The two bounce on a bed, dress up comically and view themselves in an acetate mirror, and make a glorious mess having a snack. Under Carl's careful watch, baby has a swim in the aquarium and-in one of the book's most engaging uses of pull-tabs-jumps down the laundry chute and lands on top of a basket of clothes in the basement. After the child has a bath and is put down for a nap, the diligent dog cleans up in time for the return of mother, who greets him with the familiar ``Good Dog, Carl!'' Several of the coated pages in this paper-over-board volume fold out, adding extra dimension to a winsome addition to the Carl collection. All ages. (Sept.)