cover image When Morning Comes

When Morning Comes

Patricia Calvert / Author, Patricia Calvert / Author Atheneum

Although Cat Kincaid describes herself as ``dark and dangerous as a leopard,'' her vulnerability is not hard to detect at the onset of this problem novel. Underneath a tough exterior is a 15-year-old runaway who desires love and security. Even before she moves to the country and meets Annie Bowen, her new foster mother, Cat plans to return to the concrete jungle where she belongs. During her first few days at Sweetberry Farm, Cat experiences conflicting emotions about small-town life and the people she encounters. She becomes interested in Hooter, a local boy, but realizes she will never fit in with his crowd. Determined to remain a ``lone predator,'' Cat runs back to the city streets, where she finds little refuge from her troubles. After she is robbed and almost raped, Cat faces a moment of truth, takes stock of her life and rethinks her options for the future. Although not entirely original, the themes of this book are relevant and thoughtfully presented. With extreme candor, Calvert ( The Snowbird ; Stranger, You and I ) reveals the attitudes of an emotionally scarred teenager. The gradual breakdown of Cat's defenses are both touching and enlightening. Ages 12-up. (Oct.)