cover image Sacred Cows-- And Other Edibles

Sacred Cows-- And Other Edibles

Nikki Giovanni. William Morrow & Company, $12.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-688-04333-9

Cries of outragedelightful onespunctuate this book. So do repeated interjections of ""Hey!'' The noted poet expresses (and impresses with) her strong attitudes about poverty, stupidity, prejudice, ineffectual black leadership, insects, credit cards and other inducements to consumerism, female exploitation, TV commercials, ex-smokers, required seat-belting, men who walk a picket line against abortion, dumb sports announcers. She feels more positively about her teenage son, soap, being happy with what she has, Little House on the Prairie and the virtues of baseball (``probably the only active sport where you are not seriously required to be alive to play'' and the only one you don't have to watch to know what's going on). Previously published in magazines and newspapers, these addicting essays are fresh and funnyand enjoyable out-loud reading. (February 19)