cover image Imaginary Lands

Imaginary Lands

Robin McKinley. Greenwillow Books, $12.95 (246pp) ISBN 978-0-688-05213-3

This fantasy anthology, boasting some of the best writers in the genre today, will be a disappointment to all but the most easily pleased. Each story is linked by its firm placement in its imaginary setting, which is supposed to evoke in readers both wonder and familiarity. Unfortunately, these stories evoke only tedium and confusion, the major exception being McKinley's own entry, ""The Stone Fey,'' a beautifully written love story set in Damar. While stories from James Blaylock, Patricia McKillip, Robert Westall and P. C. Hodgell are merely slight, the biggest disappointments are the stories from Peter Dickenson, whose ``Flight'' is more of a writer's notebook than a story; Jane Yolen, with a slim retelling of the forging of Excalibur; and Joan D. Vinge's brief version of the Tam Lin legend. Given the lack of quality from ``name'' writers, it's too bad McKinley didn't anthologize her own work. (12-upst)