cover image Amanda & April

Amanda & April

Bonnie Pryor. William Morrow & Company, $0 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-688-05870-8

When Amanda pig and her sister April are invited to a birthday party, Amanda wishes she had an older sister who would take her places, rather than having a tag-along little sister. Still, with Amanda in charge they manage to get into plenty of mischief along the way. To avoid spoiling their new shoes, Amanda instructs April to take them off and follow her through sticky tar, but forgets about their new white socks. An episode in the park picking flowers and catching bees leaves Amanda with a bee sting and also makes them late for the party. But Mother is understanding and April gains a new appreciation of the naughty things that only a big sister can teach. Pryor's lively tale contains a fresh and humorous look at sibling relationships. De Groat's sparkling watercolors capture the sensual delights of a spring day in the park, as well as the special personalities of these two delightful pigs. (36)