cover image Danny's Birthday

Danny's Birthday

Edith Kunhardt. Greenwillow Books, $0 (24pp) ISBN 978-0-688-06176-0

Danny (an excited alligator) is five years old. He's about to have a birthday party with his friends Lucy (a demure rabbit), Mark (a masked raccoon) and Joshua (a smiling frog). Danny's father records the festivities on videotape. First the youngsters play games and get prizes, then they eat cake and drink punch, and finally Danny opens his presents. ""I love it!'' he shouts when he gets a kite. ``Oh good!'' he cries when he unwraps a flashlight. ``Just what I wanted,'' Danny says of his new robot. Then the party is over, and everyone leaves. That's a little sad. So Danny's father plays the tape, and Danny enjoys his party again. Danny asks to see the tape again, and again, and again. His father is tired of the tape, but Danny is so genuinely earnest, who could refuse? Kunhardt's bold illustrations and expressive characters deliver a gently funny story; anyone who has lingered over the memory of a pleasant experience will enjoy Danny and his videotape. (3-6)