cover image Ramona: Behind the Scenes of a Television Show

Ramona: Behind the Scenes of a Television Show

Elaine Scott. Morrow Junior Books, $16 (88pp) ISBN 978-0-688-06818-9

By the end of this off-the-screen look at the making of the upcoming Ramona TV series, to be aired on PBS, readers will have at their fingertips some interesting tidbits: what a gaffer is and what a lighting grip does. They will also know what Beverly Cleary's role in all of this was (she was a story consultant and cast the stuffed animals from among dozens of toy hopefuls) and meet young Sarah Polley, who plays pesty, loveable Ramona. Scott's tone is cool and straightforward, but she lingers over some facts (the importance of TV in our lives; where PBS gets its funding) when the information isn't absolutely imperative. Miller provides real enlightenment; her clear photos reveal all the complications and tedium of filming a series, and demystify some of the magic of television. This is not a must for Ramona's fans, but it will satisfy anyoneadult or childcurious about how ideas and stories are transferred to the small screen. Ages 8-12. (July) 3 FICTION FICTION