cover image My New Baby-Sitter

My New Baby-Sitter

Christine Loomis. Morrow Junior Books, $13.95 (48pp) ISBN 978-0-688-09625-0

In this lucid, candid guide, Loomis, an editor at Parents magazine, attempts to reduce the anxiety kids--and their parents--commonly experience when faced with a new day-care or baby-sitting situation. In the book's opening pages, addressed to parents, the author advocates communicating with children honestly yet reassuringly--advice she herself follows in the section of her book directed to youngsters. Here she shows children--revealed in Ancona's characteristically sharp, realistic photos--becoming acquainted with an in-home caregiver, a family day-care situation, a night baby-sitter, etc. Sprinkled throughout are questions (``What's your favorite thing to do?'') that encourage communication between adult readers and their young listeners. For both groups, this volume offers worthwhile information and advice. Ages 2-up. (Aug.)