cover image Communication


Aliki. Greenwillow Books, $14 (1pp) ISBN 978-0-688-10529-7

The author/illustrator of the ebullient companion works, Feelings and Manners , has produced an equally beguiling picture-book survey of one of the human race's most important imperatives--communication. Dedicated to ``all the tellers and the listeners of the world,'' Aliki begins with a definition: ``Communication is sharing knowledge . . . telling news . . . expressing feelings . . . and being heard.'' In her characteristically perky mix of gentle, wryly humorous black pen drawings illumined by watercolor and pencil, she introduces a multicultural cast of endearing, honest kids. Each page reveals a progressively involving explication of the many ways people communicate: writing, active and sensitive listening, responding, questioning, sharing feelings, telling the truth (even if in anger or pain), waiting your turn, obtaining information, and more. Not even the hottest pop-psychologist of the moment could improve on this reassuring overview of how people seek connection--``so you know you are not alone.'' Ages 5-up. (Apr.)