cover image The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose

Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm, Dennis McDermott. HarperCollins, $15.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-688-11402-2

Fittingly, a golden glow bathes McDermott's (Oom Razoom; The Flying Ship) acrylic and pencil art in this version of the lively Brothers Grimm tale (for a Hungarian version, see Ellin Greene and Rosanne Litzinger's The Little Golden Lamb, reviewed Mar. 13). Rendered in McDermott's nostalgic style, the full-spread art conveys the narrative's ebullience. Through his kindness to a troll, Hans, the cherubic son of a woodcutter, finds a goose ""with feathers of pure gold."" In a departure from the Grimm model, the goose informs Hans that it belongs to Princess Rosamund, and Hans immediately sets off for Rosamund's castle. On the way, a milkmaid tries to pluck a golden feather and finds herself stuck to the goose. McDermott gives the title character a bold personality: ""Cwonk! Serves you right, my little goslings,"" laughs the goose as a second milkmaid becomes attached to the first, initiating what becomes a merry procession of stuck-together villagers, led by the goose-toting boy. For bringing a smile to Rosamund, who is mourning the loss of her goose, Hans receives the traditional prize: the princess's hand in marriage. Paying homage to illustrators such as Howard Pyle and N.C. Wyeth, McDermott conjures up a realm just right for fairy tales. Ages 3-8. (Apr.)