cover image Daddy Will Be There

Daddy Will Be There

Lois G. Grambling. Greenwillow Books, $15.99 (24pp) ISBN 978-0-688-14983-3

In prose as simple and straightforward as a building block, Grambling (Mrs. Tittle's Turkey Farm) describes the special relationship between a five-year-old girl and her stay-at-home dad. Whether he's just down the hall in the kitchen, inside the house while she's outdoors or even a schoolbus ride away, she can say with confidence, ""I know Daddy will be there."" He's the central point in her universe, around which circle all other activities: riding her bike, playing alone or with friends, attending a birthday party or starting kindergarten. The subtext--that this rock-solid relationship is the basis for the child's happiness and self-assurance--comes through loud and clear, not only in the upbeat narrative but also in Gaffney-Kessell's (This Is Me, Laughing) airbrushed watercolors of serene domestic vignettes. The clean lines and gentle lighting underscore the girl's well-ordered existence and positive outlook. Ages 4-up. (May)