cover image Time for Bed, Ned

Time for Bed, Ned

Pam Zinnemann-Hope. Marcel Dekker, $6.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-689-50415-0

Parents of toddlers who have outgrown their board books may pounce on this sunny pair of titles. Hope's minimalist dialogue is reminiscent of Dick and Jane but much livelier: ""I don't like shopping. I like hopping. Come on, Fred. Hop, hop, hop!'' ``Ned! Stop!'' (This last from a disgruntled father, trying to find a sweater for his boisterous lad.) Ned neatly delays going to bed in one book; in the other he resists a red sweater to the very last, settling on blue for himself and his dog, Fred. Denton's cheeky watercolors give these books a pell-mell pace and turn Ned's mayhem into good-natured mischief. (4-7)