cover image Dikou and the Mysterious Moon Sheep

Dikou and the Mysterious Moon Sheep

Elzbieta. Crowell, $11.95 (34pp) ISBN 978-0-690-04692-2

Because Dikou sleepwalks every night, his parents want him to stop his foolishness and stay in bed. His father even tries to stand guard outside the bedroom door but he falls asleep, as if enchanted. Dikou is swept away by the mysterious moon sheep. ""It really doesn't matter if I ever come back because Mama and Papa don't love me anymore,'' sighs Dikou as he ventures forth. But the worried parents do care, and locate the sleeping Dikou. Elzbieta's story of nocturnal adventure is ambiguous at times: just where Dikou goes during his nightly wandering is never really explained, nor is it clear whether he is being naughty or simply sleepwalking. The portrayal of the family's emotions rings true, but can be dauntingsuch as when the father yanks the boy by his ear. However, the illustrations, executed in soft lustrous colors, are a hypnotic blend of fantasy and irresistible sensitivity. Ages 4-8. (March)