cover image Princess Kevin

Princess Kevin

Michael Escoffier, illus. by Roland Garrigue. Frances Lincoln, $18.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-7112-5435-0

Kevin decides to dress up as a princess for school costume day, “and that is that,” writes Escoffier, whose narration—fiercely upfront regarding his protagonist and gimlet-eyed about everything else—is the real star of this story. Garrigue’s pen-and-ink cartooning shows Kevin regarding himself in the mirror—the floofy pink gown with matching shoes, the crown, the jewelry—with unshakable confidence: “Kevin knows this costume looks good.” All he needs is a costumed knight to escort him, but everyone shuns him except a girl in an unfortunate dragon costume, who admires his outfit and helps him navigate in high heels until Kevin realizes that being a princess is, for him at least, “way too complicated.” The authors don’t push any particular motivation for Kevin’s costume, but they do offer a perplexing message for dress-up occasions: “When you wear a costume... you become someone totally different. Otherwise, it makes no sense to dress up in the first place.” Ages 4–7. [em](Apr.) [/em]