cover image Here and Queer: A Queer Girl’s Guide to Life

Here and Queer: A Queer Girl’s Guide to Life

Rowan Ellis, illus. by Jacky Sheridan. Frances Lincoln, $14.99 paper (160p) ISBN

Offering comprehensive and easily digestible information about “our culture, relationships, and history,” Ellis and four contributors successfully relay intersectionally aware and trans-inclusive advice via this validating guide to queer adolescence. In a tone that evokes a casual chat with queer elders or a sleepover with friends, three sections—”Coming Out,” “Doing It,” and “Finding Your Community”—trace the good, the bad, and the ugly around matters of LGBTQ identities and terminology, dating and romance, consent and safe sex, advocacy and history, and making friends. Portraying people of varying abilities, body types, gender expressions, and skin tones, Sheridan’s vibrant illustrations combine a 1980s cartoon flair with diagrams, doodles, and fashion cutouts. Reminiscent of late-1990s zines, this queer The Care and Keeping of You analog will help LGBTQ youth—and people experiencing a second puberty—to start building a life of queer joy. Back matter includes thinking points, glossary, further reading, and resources for support. Ages 14–up. (May)