cover image This Is Not a Book

This Is Not a Book

Jean Jullien. Phaidon, $9.95 (32p) ISBN 978-0-7148-7112-7

In a tour de force of visual transformation, French graphic designer Jullien makes good on the promise of the title, turning this board book into a laptop, butterfly, fridge, tightrope, human rear end (yes, that’s right), and more. The magic lies in Jullien’s loose, expressive cartooning and smart use of the hinge at the center of each spread—after the book is turned sideways, the hinge separates the laptop’s keyboard from its screen, just like a real one, while a scene of a boy reading in a tent demands to be propped up, tent-style. The final pages—a pair of hands to “clap” together—deliver some well-deserved applause. Ages 2–4. (Mar.)