cover image Amish Sweethearts

Amish Sweethearts

Amy Clipston. Zondervan, $12.99 trade paper (432p) ISBN 978-0-7180-9115-6

Clipston (The Cherished Quilt) fills these four cheerful Amish romance novellas with uplifting, simple love. In “Love and Buggy Rides,” Janie Lantz becomes the new cashier at the Lancaster Buggy Rides and Souvenirs shop. While eating her lunch, she sees a car hurtle into a buggy full of passengers, leaving many injured. As an Amish, she cannot get involved in legal matters, so she keeps quiet about witnessing the event and gradually becomes closer to the unfortunate buggy driver as questions mount about the nature of the accident. In “A Home for Lindsay,” Matthew Glick is more than ready to marry his beloved Lindsay, but financial troubles force him to place his faith in God as he works to build a home and avoid bankruptcy. Tobias Smucker faces the bishop after five months in rehab for alcoholism in “Where is the Heart.” Also afraid to face his father, Tobias is reassured by the bishop’s daughter that the community forgives him and will welcome him home. In “Love Birds,” Ellie Lapp struggles to accept her brother’s death after he is killed in an accident while constructing a shed. When her late brother’s friend Lloyd, a carpenter, comes to help Ellie with chores, she convinces him to sell wooden bird figurines at the shop where she works. Fans of Clipston’s wholesome stories will relish these novellas.[em](Jan.) [/em]