cover image September Song: 
A Tony Gérard Thriller

September Song: A Tony Gérard Thriller

Colin Murray. Severn, $28.95 (248p) ISBN 978-0-7278-8110-6

Set in 1955 London, Murray’s intriguing second hard-boiled noir outing for problem-fixer Tony Gérard (after 2011’s No Hearts, No Roses) finds Tony investigating the disappearances of three very different people, who turn out to have common links. That movie star Philip Graham and the piano player known as Lee are connected isn’t so surprising, but what could they possibly have to do with a girl given up for adoption years earlier? When Tony’s efforts bring him to the attention of the nasty Ricky Mountjoy and other criminals, Tony must rely on his earlier physical training to survive the mobsters who think he knows the location of their stolen product and who killed a pair of henchmen. Meanwhile, working girl Viv Laurence may know more than is good for her health. Jazz clubs and the music of the era as well as reminders of WWII and the Blitz lend color. (May)