cover image The Kindred of Darkness: A James Asher Vampire Novel

The Kindred of Darkness: A James Asher Vampire Novel

Barbara Hambly. Severn, $28.95 (256p) ISBN 978-0-7278-8342-1

Hambly (The Magistrates of Hell) deftly draws the reader into 1913 London’s undead social scene in all its complexity in the standout fifth entry of this dark, lush series. James and Lydia Asher have the ability to track the undead. Their unsteady truce with the local vampires is shaken when Grippen, Master of the London Nest, kidnaps their infant daughter, ordering them to find a foreign interloper, Damien Zahorec, without looking too closely into his secret books of vampire-controlling lore. As James sneaks through the streets seeking information, Lydia tracks Zahorec while escorting her debutante niece to parties, in scenes that dance delightfully close to period romance. The emotional triangle between James, Lydia, and their mysterious friend Don Simon Ysidro will please those who look for swooning romanticism in their vampire fare. Hambly’s clever, driven characters are creatures of action, and will satisfy those who enjoy a well-articulated, heart-pounding mystery. (Mar.)