cover image Script for Scandal

Script for Scandal

Renee Patrick. Severn, $28.99 (240p) ISBN 978-0-7278-8910-2

In Patrick’s well-paced third 1930s Hollywood mystery (after 2017’s Dangerous to Know), Oscar-winning costume designer Edith Head slips her friend Lillian Frost, social secretary to a starstruck millionaire, the script of a film based on a real bank robbery that was committed three years before. According to the script, the robbery was conceived by a police detective, whose partner was killed in pursuit of the thieves. The dirty cop is called Jim Morris, who may be based on Gene Morrow, Lillian’s police officer gentleman friend who investigated the robbery. As press interest in the film heats up, rumors start flying about Gene’s involvement. As Gene says, “All manner of strange things turn up in cases like this. The trick is focusing on the right ones.” Fortunately for him, canny Lillian and keen-eyed Edith are prepared to investigate and clear Gene’s name. Patrick skillfully stitches together bits of authentic Hollywood history and provides star turns for the likes of Bette Davis and Fred MacMurray in this exuberant tale of murder, revenge, and sartorial splendor. Agent: Lisa Gallagher, DeFiore & Co. (Jan.)