cover image Terminal Black

Terminal Black

Adrian Magson. Severn, $28.99 (256p) ISBN 978-0-7278-8947-8

In Magson’s fast-paced sixth contemporary spy thriller featuring former MI5 officer Harry Tate (after 2013’s Execution), Rik Ferris, another former MI5 officer, lands in Belarus and promptly disappears, along with confidential information he obtained from secret British government files. One of Rik’s last contacts was with a hacker with ties to Russia. Has he gone over to the other side? Harry, who’s now working in “the security industry doing odd jobs for whoever needs a former spook,” is approached by his old bosses to locate Rik and, if possible, bring him back alive. Amid vast platoons of computer hackers working feverishly to bring down world order, there’s plenty of two-fisted action, shoot-outs, daring escapes, and slick disguises. Memorable characters include creepily evil villains and strong women who can go toe to toe with their male counterparts. This is the prose equivalent of one of those Hollywood action movies in which the audience can have fun because they know the good guys won’t suffer any serious harm. Agent: David Headley, DHH Literary (U.K.). (Feb.)