cover image Scot on the Rocks

Scot on the Rocks

Catriona McPherson. Severn, $28.99 (240p) ISBN 978-0-7278-9031-3

McPherson’s witty third Last Ditch mystery (after 2019’s Scot and Soda) has a line on every page to provoke a smile. Scottish ex-pat Lexie Campbell, a relationship counselor in Cuento, Calif., tries “not to give advice like ‘dump him,’ because it’s bad for repeat business,” and shares a tiny office with her friends Todd, who offers makeovers, and Kathi, a germaphobe who detoxes houses. In an effort to expand their services, the three decide to help the police look into the theft of Mama Cuento, a large bronze statue, from a public park. Meanwhile, Branston Lancer, Lexie’s ex-husband, comes to her with a problem. Branston’s wife, Brandee, has disappeared, and he has received a ransom note that’s eerily similar to the one left at the Mama Cuento scene. McPherson keeps the twists coming as other statues—all of women of color—in neighboring states start to disappear and the search for Brandee becomes ever more bizarrely sinister. Anyone who appreciates a good mystery told with nimble, sure-footed humor will have a ball. Agent: Lisa Moylett, CMM Literary (U.K.). (Feb.)