cover image More Than Words

More Than Words

Jill Santopolo. Putnam, $25 (352p) ISBN 978-0-7352-1830-7

Santopolo follows 2017’s The Light We Lost with a heartfelt story about life, love, and taking chances in the aftermath of loss. Thirty-something hotel heiress Nina Gregory loves her job as speechwriter for New York mayoral candidate Rafael O’Connor-Ruiz, and she loves her boyfriend and lifelong best friend, Tim Calder. But she adores her father, Joseph, and as cancer weakens the once-vibrant man, Nina treasures the time they have left. When Joseph finally succumbs to his illness, the devastated Nina must pick up the pieces and take the reins of the Gregory Corporation. Nina soon discovers that her father, who revered the Gregory legacy and lived life in the spotlight, was hiding secrets about his company and her mother, who died when Nina was a child. A potent—and mutual—attraction to Rafael complicates things further. Nina’s self-discovery is bolstered by the strong women in her life, and her struggle to accept her larger than life father as a flawed man will resonate with readers. This is a charming and sexy crowd-pleaser. (Feb.)