cover image Paris for One and Other Stories

Paris for One and Other Stories

Jojo Moyes. Viking/Dorman, $25 (288p) ISBN 978-0-7352-2107-9

In this vibrant collection containing one novella and eight short stories, Moyes (Me Before You) once again focuses primarily on heroines who discover their deeper strength and learn about themselves during periods of emotional strife. The stories all deal in some way with romantic entanglements. New passions, old trysts, a Twitter scandal, a heist, and even Louboutin shoes fill up these short but sweet tales. The jewel of the collection is the title novella, “Paris for One,” in which Nell has uncharacteristically splurged on a romantic weekend getaway to Paris for herself and her boyfriend. He fails to arrive, and Nell—a micro-manager who is known to make pro-and-con lists before deciding what sandwich to eat—finds herself suddenly alone in a foreign country. In fewer than 150 pages Moyes creates a fully dynamic and compelling leading woman. In the face of rejection and adversity, Nell begins to learn exactly who she is and what she is capable of. Other stories include a jewelry-store robbery with an amorous twist, the tale of a middle-aged woman who spends a day literally in someone else’s shoes, and a Christmas shopping frenzy that reveals to a harried wife what is really important in life. Bold, humorous, and genuine, the stories in this collection are classic Moyes and will appeal to fans of her novels and newcomers alike. Agent: Sheila Crowley, Curtis Brown Creative. (Nov.)