cover image The Rabbit and the Bear: A Christmas Tale

The Rabbit and the Bear: A Christmas Tale

Ivan Gantschev, , trans. by J. Alison James. . NorthSouth, $16.95 (24pp) ISBN 978-0-7358-2145-3

In yet another case of hibernation-interruptus at Christmas (see Bear's First Christmas and Hanna Bear's Christmas ), a rabbit on the run from hunters serves as an unexpected alarm clock for a sleeping bear. This time, the ursine napper wakes up from a glorious dream of the first Christmas—which the bear has never heard of before. The new friends soon turn the tables on their startled pursuers and fashion their own holiday celebration. Though the text's Christmas angle feels a bit forced, soft-edged watercolors in wintry grays, whites and blues help convey a sense of mystery, wonder and triumph. Ages 3-up. (Oct.)